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Does BLOCKS work with other hardware?

BLOCKS – including NOISE, the Lightpad Block, the Live Block, the Loop Block, and – is a complete mobile and modular music studio. NOISE and the Lightpad Block communicate using multidimensional polyphonic expression (MPE). This means that NOISE can be used with controllers sending MPE data, such as the Seaboard, while the Lightpad Block can control hardware synthesisers that support MPE.

Can you plug headphones into it?

To use headphones with BLOCKS, simply connect your Blocks to NOISE, the free modular music app, and connect headphones to your iOS device.

What kind of device do I need to use NOISE and BLOCKS?

NOISE, the musical heart of BLOCKS, is designed for iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or higher. NOISE can take advantage of Apple’s 3D Touch capabilities on the iPhone 6s or higher and the iPad Pro. 3D Touch capabilities are not required as the Lightpad Block offers 5D Touch. The following iOS devices have been tested and are supported:

  • iPhone 6 or higher
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Mini 4 or higher
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro (9.7 and 12.9 inches)
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation
How many sounds does it have?

In addition to the 34 presets included in NOISE, there are three legacy soundpacks available to NOISE v1 creators and four soundpacks of sixteen presets each redeemable when registering a Block. We intend to continuously update and release new presets regularly –  including artist soundpacks – which will be available directly from NOISE. In addition, makes it possible to share NOISE projects with other users and will soon offer the ability to collaborate on and remix projects with others.

Can I adjust the volume?

You can adjust the volume either in NOISE or by using the Live Block. Soon you will be able to adjust the levels of each track in NOISE.

What about Android?

While NOISE is currently available only for iOS devices, NOISE is made with JUCE, which is a cross-platform framework, and our goal is to make NOISE as accessible as possible on all platforms as soon as we can.

At the moment, Android devices from many different manufacturers vary with regard to such things as display drivers, screen size, and aspect ratio. More significantly, Android 7 (“Nougat”) – while suitable for high-quality audio apps – currently operates on only a small percentage of Android devices, so Android-compatible versions of our apps would run on only a very limited number of devices.

We hope to see more devices supporting high-quality audio, and we look forward to making NOISE even more accessible very soon.

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