Depending on the type of Block you’ve purchased, the factory content that comes with it might vary. You can check the exact soundpacks you get for free with your Block below:

NOISE Soundpacks Lightpad M Lightpad Block Seaboard Block Songmaker Kit Beatmaker Kit
Electromagnetic Pulse x x x x x
5D EDM x x x x
World Colours x x x x
Giant Dubstep x x x x
Video Games x x x x
Structure x x x x
Chill Wave Drifting x x x x
Bass Quartet by Audio Modeling x x x
Elementals x x
Session Keys x x
Modern Electronic x x
Vintage Electronic x x
Cinematica x x
Experimentals x x
Treble Quartet by Audio Modeling x x
Soulwave x
Neon Future x
Spoonful of Grit x
Distorted Bliss x