Arp toggles arpeggiation for each instrument slot.

Access this function via the Arp button on the Live Block or within the Instrument View of the NOISE App.

'Arp' icon

A variety of patterns, gates, times, and pitch ranges are available.


Gate controls what percentage of each note value is heard and how much is silent. For example, if Gate is set to 80%, 80% of each note sounds, and 20% is silent.

Time controls the duration of each note, so “1/16” means that each note will be a sixteenth-note, or one quarter of a beat. d means dotted, so “1/4d” refers to a dotted quarter-note, or one and a half beats. t means triplet, so “1/4t” refers to a quarter-note triplet, or two-thirds of a beat.

Octave controls the range in octaves over which the notes are arpeggiated.