Seaboard Block Seaboard RISE
Keywaves 24 25 / 49
Included ROLI software Equator Player
BLOCKS Dashboard
10 NOISE Soundpacks
ROLI Dashboard
Bundled third-party software Max/MSP 3-Month License
Strobe2 Player
Bitwig 8-Track
Controllers Mode button
Octave Switches in top corners
(Octave Switches combine with Mode button to change presets)*
Three Touch Faders
XY Touchpad
Octave Switch Buttons
Preset Switch Buttons
Pedal inputs None 1
MIDI compatible Yes Yes
MPE compatible Yes Yes
USB connection Yes, powered USB-C Yes, powered USB-B
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Dimensions of touch StrikePressGlideSlideLift StrikePressGlideSlideLift
Audio outputs None None
Price $299/€329/£279 $799/€799/£699 (RISE 25)
$1099/€1,199/£999 (RISE 49)
Keywave size 100 mm x 20 mm 125 mm x 23.5 mm
Keywave surface size 282 mm x 141 mm 376 mm x 164.5 mm
Dimensions 282 mm x 141 mm x 24.7 mm 505 mm x 210 mm x 23 mm
Weight 650g 2.8kg
Included case No RISE25: Expanded polypropylene
RISE49: Softcase
Maximum Connected at Once 6 n/a
*Touch Block (optional) controls response for 5D Touch (Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, Lift)

The Seaboard Block is about half the size of a Seaboard RISE 25, with its 24 keywaves being roughly 80% of the size of the RISE’s. The Seaboard Block is bundled with Equator Player and a 3-month Max/MSP license, while the Seaboard RISE includes the full version of Equator, Strobe2, and Bitwig 8-Track. The Seaboard Block is designed to be fully compatible with the BLOCKS system; it includes magnetic DNA connectors on 3 of its sides to allow you to seamlessly link to any other Blocks in your setup, including forming a single larger Seaboard playing surface with additional Seaboard Blocks.

Unlike the RISE, the Seaboard Block does not have the three Touch Faders and XY Touchpad controllers. However, the Touch Block can be used to alter your Seaboard Block’s 5 Dimensions of Touch (Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift), and you can use a Lightpad Block to act as an XY Pad via BLOCKS Dashboard. The Seaboard RISE’s octave shift buttons are on the left controller panel, while the Seaboard Block’s are in the rear upper left and right corners.

Both the Seaboard Block and RISE can be used with our free mobile app NOISE as well as many other mobile and desktop apps and hardware synthesizers.