BLOCK iOS array

Blocks refers to the MIDI-over-Bluetooth enabled components which – coupled with the NOISE app and – form BLOCKS, a modular, digital music making platform opening new possibilities for musical expression through the use of 5D Touch. Blocks can be physically connected to each other magnetically in multiple configurations and connect with NOISE wirelessly. BLOCKS is the world’s first truly mobile music studio.

The Lightpad Block is a 15×15 LED matrix with a 5D Touch silicone playing surface. It can interface with the NOISE app and third party apps and features Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable 
battery, and multiple playing layouts. The Lightpad Block builds sequencing, looping, finger drumming, and expressive control
 into a single intuitive device.

The Lightpad Block can also serve as a hub that other Blocks can connect to.

The Live Block and Loop Block facilitate and enhance NOISE’s functionality control realtime recording and manipulation of 5D Touch musical performances.

The Live Block features 10 buttons and enables creators to change octaves, arpeggiate, play chords or individual notes, sustain notes, change scales, and adjust volume.

The Loop Block features 10 buttons and enables creators to record, play, loop, snap, change grid resolution, adjust tempo, and turn click “On” or “Off”.

Control Blocks (Live, Loop, Touch) require a Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block to function.

Control Blocks can be connected to NOISE separately but require a Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block to charge.