Instant Delay by Unfiltered Audio is a plugin which natively supports the Lightpad Block, making it possible to easily control multiple delay parameters with your the Lightpad Block’s touch-sensitive surface!

Step 1: Download and register Instant Delay

Blocks registered before November 25, 2017 are bundled with Instant Delay. If you registered your Block before this date and haven’t already downloaded Instant Delay, see instructions on downloading it for free here.

Step 2: Ensure your Lightpad Block firmware is up-to-date

Your Lightpad Block must be running the latest firmware to work with Instant Delay. You can update your firmware in NOISE, or you can update your firmware in BLOCKS Dashboard.

Step 3: Connect your Lightpad Block to your computer via USB or Bluetooth

Connect your Lightpad Block to your computer via USB or Bluetooth. Make sure BLOCKS Dashboard is closed, or Instant Delay might not recognize your Lightpad Block.

Step 4: Load Instant Delay as a plugin in your DAW

Load the Instant Delay plugin as an audio effect in your digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice. This example shows loading Instant Delay in Logic Pro X:

Step 5: Load the “ROLI Lightpad Example” Preset

Instant Delay will load its “Default” preset. Click on the preset name, and then select “Factory Presets” > “ROLI Lightpad Example.” Once the “ROLI Lightpad Example” preset is loaded, look under “MODULATION” for the “Connect” button and click it.

Once connected in Instant Delay, your Lightpad will display the Unfiltered Audio “UA” logo. Your Lightpad can now be used as an XYZ pad to control Instant Delay’s delay time, feedback, and filter cutoff frequency. Play some audio on the selected channel strip, and perform gestures on your Lightpad to hear how you’re affecting the sound.

Step 6: Modify presets

You may easily create your own presets by modifying existing presets. Using the ROLI Lightpad Example, for instance, you can click and drag the ends of the red wires to assign them to other parameters. In this example, we’re changing the Lightpad’s Z (“Press”) dimension to control Drive rather than Cutoff:

You may also add more modulation assignments by clicking on a modulation jack above X, Y, or Z and then drag the new wire to the destination of your choice. In this example we’re adding a new wire so that Z will also control Jitter:

You might notice now that when Pressing your Lightpad the Jitter knob doesn’t change. This is because the knob above Z is set to negatively modulate the selected parameters. To change this simply drag the Z knob upward so that it will positively modulate Jitter and Drive:

For more information

For more details on using Instant Delay, check out the manual – simply click the “?” in the lower right corner and click “Open Manual…”

If Instant Delay isn’t recognizing your Lightpad Block, please make sure BLOCKS Dashboard is closed.

Also, check out this video for more tips on using Instant Delay with Lightpad Blocks: