ROLI Dashboard allows you to set a specific Pitch Bend Range which is useful for setting up with other hardware or software. These settings are saved when the Seaboard is disconnected from the computer, so you can make your choice, then connect to other hardware with those same settings still in place.

Pitch bend

What Pitch Bend Range does

The Seaboard uses MIDI Pitch Bend across a range of octaves to transmit gestures which engage the Glide dimension, such as vibratos and glissandi. For a more in-depth guide on exactly how the Seaboard is using the MIDI Pitch Bend message, click here.

The ideal Pitch Bend Range

Dashboard’s Pitch Bend Range should be matched with the maximum range of the instrument that is being controlled.

If the Pitch Bend Range being transmitted by the Seaboard is not the same as the pitch bend range of the instrument it is playing, you might not hear any variation in pitch, or find that the pitch Glides too far.

By default, ROLI Dashboard uses a Pitch Bend Range of +/- 48 semitones.

When using Equator

Equator is able to choose a Pitch Bend Range between 12 and 96, which you can set in the MIDI/MPE Settings from the menu.

Ensure that the Note Pitch Bend in Equator’s MIDI/MPE settings is matched with ROLI Dashboard’s Pitch Bend Range.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.04.06

When playing recorded MIDI through the Equator plug-in, make sure that Equator’s MIDI and MPE settings are kept the same as they were when the MIDI was recorded.

For example:

If you recorded a MIDI track with the Seaboard and a pitch bend range of +/- 24 semitones, the Equator plug-in should also be set to +/- 24 semitones. Setting Equator to a different pitch bend range later would cause the pitches of any Glide gestures in the recorded MIDI to sound out of tune (the pitch would move too far or not far enough!).

When using other instruments

The ideal Pitch Bend Range to select in ROLI Dashboard is matched with the maximum  range of the instrument that is being controlled.

For example, the SWAM Engine has a maximum Pitch Bend Range of +/-12, therefore the Pitch Bend Range in ROLI Dashboard should also be set to 12.