Your Blocks don’t seem to be charging.


To ensure proper operation of your BLOCKS, you will want to make sure you are charging them properly.

The Lightpad Block has a USB type C port and comes with a USB type C to USB type A cable for charging.

USB type A and C

The Loop and Live Blocks both charge through DNA connection to a Lightpad Block. Live and Loop Blocks can be connected to NOISE separately, but still require the Lightpad Block to charge.

Recommended Chargers

When charging a Lightpad Block we recommend using a 5 volt/1 amp charger. If you are charging a Live or Loop Block along with your Lightpad Block, we recommend using a 5 volt/3 amp USB charger.

We recommend charging your Lightpad Block with the ROLI supplied USB cable connected to:

Battery indication

BLOCKS can be charged even when they are turned off. When turned on, the Power LED on the Power / Bluetooth button indicates the current battery status of the Lightpad Block and when the Lightpad Block is being charged.

The Power LED will display green when fully charged, yellow when partially charged and red when the charge is below 20%.