Loop Block makes recording in NOISE faster and easier by controlling some of its functionality through the push of a button!

Press the two leftmost buttons to turn your Loop Block on and check out this guide to connect to NOISE via Bluetooth.

Then, start playing and use your Loop Block to enhance NOISE’s capabilities!

Learn more about recording in NOISE with this guide.

Loop Block wire frame

A) Mode: switch between the Drum Kit and Solo instruments

B) Volume: press and use the Plus / Minus button below to adjust NOISE’s volume

C) Click: press to turn Click ‘On’ and ‘Off’. When ‘On’, use the Plus / Minus button below to make your project’s tempo faster or slower

D) Snap: turn ‘On’ to help your playing keep in time so that your pattern loops smoothly and fits in better with the other instruments in your project

E) Undo: press to undo an action in NOISE

F) Play / Pause: press to start or stop NOISE’s playback of any recorded tracks or Click

G) Record: press to start the countdown to record a Drum Kit or Solo Instrument

H) Learn: if you’re curious about how to make a Drum Kit or Solo Instrument more expressive in NOISE or just to get inspired, press ‘Learn’ and watch/listen to some pre-recorded phrases to help get you started!

Live and Loop Blocks require the Lightpad Block to function.

Live and Loops Block can be connected to NOISE separately but still require a Lightpad Block to charge.