The SWAM Soundpacks by Audio Modeling – including Treble Quartet, Bass Quartet, and SWAM Saxophones – use a new and exciting technology for creating virtual but incredibly realistic sounding instruments.

Although this new technology opens up NOISE to more and more acoustic sounds, it does need more resources to run on your mobile device. Due to lower memory and processing power, the following devices do NOT support any SWAM Soundpacks by Audio Modeling:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
  • All Android devices

This is also why these packs are not currently supported in the iOS AUv3 plug-in of NOISE.

We are working on supporting these devices in the future, so please stay tuned for future updates from us.

For more information about the SWAM Soundpacks by Audio Modeling and technology behind them, please read more here.

For the general minimum system requirements for NOISE, please click here.